Locked Your Keys In the Car?

locked your keys in the car

Locked Your Keys In the Car? – It can be challenging to stay on top of everything in life, and mistakes can happen. In a rush, it’s not uncommon to absentmindedly exit your car and close the door, only to later realize that you left your keys inside. This scenario is familiar to many, where upon returning to the car, they find the keys still in the ignition and the door securely locked. When faced with this situation, it’s natural to feel a sense of panic. However, it’s important to keep a level head and avoid giving in to impulsive reactions. While having your keys locked in your car locked can be a stressful experience, reacting with panic or anger will only exacerbate the situation.

It’s worth remembering that locking keys inside a car is a common mistake that many drivers make at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, try to avoid making any further mistakes and focus on finding a solution calmly and logically. Nowadays, numerous vehicles are equipped with automatic safety features that prevent drivers from locking their keys inside the car. Additionally, some cars come with the latest technology that can be used to remotely unlock the vehicle. Unfortunately, many of us are still driving older models that lack these conveniences.

Locked Your Keys in the Car: Who Do You Call?

Every year, the American Automobile Association receives approximately 4 million calls from locked-out drivers. Just a few years ago, it was only 500,000 or fewer.

When people lock their keys inside a car, breaking a window might seem like the only solution. However, this approach can result in additional issues such as getting glass shards in your hands or having to pay for costly repairs. Rather than resorting to this drastic measure, consider trying one of the following methods:

  1. Call the police if you feel unsafe or in danger
  2. Contact a friend or family member for help
  3. Call emergency roadside assistance
  4. Call a Towing Company
  5. Use a locksmith to get into your car

Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks, so be sure to choose the one that is best for you. And remember, prevention is always the best solution! Make sure to keep a spare key in a safe place, just in case you ever find yourself in this situation of having Locked Your Keys in the Car.

  • Local law enforcement might help if you locked your keys in the car

This is one option if you locked your keys in the car. Police are there to help, after all. But keep a few things in mind before making the police your first call. In the absence of a person or pet being trapped inside, locking keys in a car does not qualify as an emergency, even if it feels like one to the individual involved. Being stranded is undoubtedly a nightmare, particularly if the car is parked in an unsafe area or you have urgent commitments to attend to. However, it’s worth noting that this situation is typically low on most police departments’ priority lists. If this is the case, you may want to consider reaching out to the following services instead.

  • Contact a friend or family member if you locked your keys in the car

It may seem like an obvious solution, but many of us overlook the option of asking a nearby friend or family member for assistance when we accidentally lock our keys in the car. They can simply come over, unlock the car, and get you back on the road in no time. Surprisingly, data indicates that most people fail to take advantage of this straightforward and effective solution. In today’s world, obtaining a duplicate car key is simple, even if your vehicle has transponder keys. Automotive locksmiths possess the necessary equipment to create a duplicate key within minutes.

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance help if you locked your keys in the car

If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, one of the most reliable ways to regain access is to contact roadside assistance. Depending on the coverage provided by your car’s manufacturer, insurance company, or AAA, a representative will be dispatched to help unlock your car. The response time will vary depending on the urgency of your situation and the service’s call volume from other customers. Roadside assistance often costs a fee, but it’s usually low. Though the goal is never to use this service, roadside assistance is helpful if you ever have a flat tire, car trouble, or any other issues that leave you stranded.

  • Towing companies might help if you locked your keys in the car

Although not the most convenient option, contacting a towing company can still be a viable solution to unlock your car. Tow companies are commonly associated with repossessing or hauling away vehicles from accident scenes, but they can also assist with unlocking cars. If, for any reason, the tow company you contacted is unable to unlock your car, their driver can still tow your vehicle to a safe location of your choosing. This alternative might be preferable if you feel stranded in an unsafe area. However, keep in mind that hiring a tow truck will come with a fee.

  • Locksmith to the rescue

Its worth noting that if the aforementioned solutions don’t suit you, your final and most viable alternative is to reach out to a dependable locksmith company. Numerous locksmith companies provide 24-hour services, so you need not be concerned about getting locked out of your car during nighttime hours. However, it’s critical to conduct thorough research to locate a reputable company that you can trust. While this option may not be the most cost-effective, it is undoubtedly the most dependable

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