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Looking For Reliable Smart Car Key Duplication Services In Minnesota?

Smart Key Duplication – Thanks to advancements in modern technology, the use of remote methods to control and secure vehicles has become increasingly popular. The majority of car keys produced since 1995 contain a transponder chip that can both receive and transmit radio signals. This chip enables the user to disarm their vehicle’s immobilizer by simply turning the key in the ignition to start it.

Laser cut keys provide an added layer of security, similar to a Vehicle Anti-Theft (VAT) key. Nowadays, keyless cars are becoming the norm, with electronic keys taking over physical keys that are usually attached to a small hard plastic box, featuring a set of buttons that allow users to remotely start their vehicle. These small plastic boxes are commonly referred to as key fobs. As technology continues to advance, smart keys are becoming even smarter, with the ability to control more vehicle functions via key fobs.

Smart keys use radio waves to communicate with the vehicle's system when within close proximity (about 16-60 feet), to operate basic functions such as unlocking/locking doors, opening the trunk, and starting the engine.

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Although modern technology brings numerous benefits, it also presents its fair share of challenges. The growth of technology can result in certain issues, such as the breakage or snapping of the transponder chip in the key. Additionally, remote key fobs can easily be lost, broken, or misplaced, necessitating the need for replacement or reprogramming. Other problems may arise, such as malfunctioning lock and unlock buttons, intermittent button operation, water damage, or the fob becoming worn.
  • We provide laser cut keys, keys which, as the name implies, are cut with lasers for added security. The keys are stronger than regular keys and have greater precision. They also require specialized tools to cut, and professionals who know how to use said tools.
  • We can replace and make VATs (Vehicle Anti theft) keys as well. Like laser cut keys, VAT keys also add another layer of security. Every VAT key is loaded with chips that possess unique registers. If a regular locksmith without expert knowledge were to try replicating a VAT key, that key would fit into ignition, but it would fail to start the car.

As modern vehicles become increasingly sophisticated, smart keys, electronic keys, and key fobs have become the norm. However, when these devices fail, a traditional locksmith may not be equipped to handle the problem. This is where we come in. In an emergency, we are the experts you should turn to for help. Our skilled technicians can quickly assess and resolve your key fob-related issues, often on the spot.

Not only are we faster and more efficient than your car dealership, but we also offer more affordable pricing. Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced, capable of performing a wide range of smart car key duplication &  programming services, including programming transponders and reprogramming VAT and smart keys for a variety of vehicles.

Reaching out to Stellar Keys & Remotes for your smart car key duplication services needs is straightforward. We are always ready to assist businesses in Minnesota, ensuring their security needs are addressed promptly and professionally. Please contact us by email, telephone or through our Site if you have any questions about Minnesota smart car key duplication services or if you seek any locksmith advice. Details for contacting us are shown below:

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