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Stellar Keys & Remotes supplies a full range of locksmith services in Burnsville,  to all of central Minnesota and has been for a long time. Rescuing stranded motorists from a multitude of situations. Working with companies like,  Haji’s Locksmith, Progressive and State Farm Insurance as the area’s top Automotive Locksmiths.

Not only do we have the ability to retrieve your keys if they are locked in your vehicle, we have a specialized fleet of service vans that bring our shop to your location. We are the only full service locksmith company in the area that offers this level of mobile service, and we answer our phones 7 days a week.


Are your keys locked inside your vehicle? Did you misplace your keys? Do you suspect that someone might have stolen them? We will make sure you can get inside your vehicle and our trained professional locksmiths will make sure that happens without damage. We can make keys at your location, program your vehicle’s key if necessary, and work with keyless entry remote systems.


If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, we can make sure you get past that lock door quickly and safely. We won’t damage your door or your lock. If you need to have the locks in your home repaired or replaced, then we can do that for a competitive rate as well. Our trained professional locksmiths can also install high security locks for your home or rekey all types of cylinders if you need to have new keys instead of new locks.


Your Dallas business is what helps you to put food on the table. If you’re locked out of your business, then you’re not making money. Our immediate response will make sure you can open on time. We’ll also repair locks, install new locks, or rekey cylinders so your security needs are effectively met.

We never charge extra for late nights, weekends or holidays, and we come to you, so call us now! Our licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths are trained and equipped to help you. Our customers are our top priority, and we are committed to providing complete satisfaction with every job we do.

We stand behind the quality and durability of our work, and we offer a guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. If you have any concerns or are unhappy with the work we have done, we encourage you to let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make things right and ensure your safety and security. Details for contacting us are shown below:

Trust comes from seeing the expertise of the locksmith in action and the professional attitude the locksmith has while they get the job done.

Feel Free to reach out to us should you have any inquiries [email protected]

+1 (612) 338 9999

Delivering excellence is our promise and your satisfaction is our commitment.
Our warranty covers labor only in respect of faulty workmanship from the date of service completion.
we expect payment at time of service. We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards from major payement gateways.
In Need Of a Locksmith? We provide friendly services with a friendly price to all our Twin Cities clients.